Date: 2019-11-28

Traditional accelerator programs select startup teams and surround them with resources such as access to capital, mentorship, and business know-how.

Bookshelf_Labs is a studio styled program which means we take the idea and surround it with resources such as business know-how, mentorship, access to capital, and experienced entrepreneurs.

In addition, since we’re a corporate-focused studio, we partner with large companies. Our corporate partners choose the business idea or challenge.

Further, to ensure the team focuses on the corporate business idea or challenge, Bookshelf_Labs provides business infrastructure.

The team then presses the corporate business idea or challenge through a series of stress tests in an effort to make a viable product or service and find market fit.

If successful, our corporate partner has the option to spin out and scale the product or service into an independent startup business.

If it fails, the idea is returned to a secure Bookshelf (Hondana). All IP remains strictly confidential and is 100% owned by our corporate partner.

We're currently accepting partners to participate in a pilot program. Interested in getting involved? Please get in touch.